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Complete newbie here, and I've pretty much always lived in desert locations, so im completely new to aquatic plants.

Can someone ID this for me? My beginners pack didn't id the plants for me. I tried researching before planting but I had a couple fails. The Moneywort hates my tank. I have a single remaining stem that hasn't rotted. My Java moss doesn't seem to like my water either. It's turning brown except for one small patch on the driftwood. And whatever this is kept getting paler and paler. Pulled in the attempt to figure out what it needs and replant. It seems fluffy.

On positives, the dwarf sag grass and anubis Nana didn't even flinch getting in my tank. The Bacopa Caroliniana has doubled in size in a week. Looks like the Ludwiga Repens may make it after the melt...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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