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Hey guys,

I have a plant in my 220 gallon planted tank that I have been playing with for awhile, but I have no idea what it is. I have it growing in a few places. One spot I have kept trimmed and have created a "carpet" effect. Another spot I have left alone, and it has shot to the top of the tank and has created a large red/orange/green tangled bunch on the surface.

It is a fairly fast growing stem plant, and it starts off green at the base, and gradually picks up pink/orange tones as it grows taller.

I have dug through the plant database (All Plants - Plant Profiles), and the only two plants I noticed that look similar are Dwarf Hygrophila and Rotala sp Macrandra, or possibly another variety of Rotala.

If anyone knows what this is, please help me out. I have included several photos of it growing in my tank.


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It's Rotala, probably Rotundifolia.
I believe you are correct after looking it up. I had always assumed it was a form of Rotala, but never knew for sure.

Thank you!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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