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Plant ID? Guessing a luwidgia and something....

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Hey everyone, guessing the second pic is some kinda of ludwigia, I can't realy get a better shot than the one i posted but hopefully its good enough. The first I have no idea...


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The first picture is Mayaca fluviatilis and the second Hygrophila polysperma.
The seller/RAOKer identified the second plant as a ludwigia species, which is why I ask. I will try to get a better photo of it if I can and post that tomorrow.
Second plant is Ludwigia repens x L. arcuata.
If Ludwigia arcuata plant has no good conditions in that tank.
You can see some red tinted leaves, but the picture should be made clearer.
There are some red leaves on the plant but they were there when I got it. I can't really get a better angle but when I trim it, I will post again and hopefully it will be easier to see.
2nd photo plant I think is Ludwigia x Arcuata.
I have another plant too that looks like the mayaca plant but the stem is more white and it's thicker. Any ideas?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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