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Plant Id (Crypt?)

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I purchased this plant at the local Petco a few days ago. It was labeled as a Crypt, but I can't identify what species it is. Anyone seen this before?

Leaf pic:

Plant pic:
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It is not a crypt. It is some type of a sword. Agreed with Kathyy that it might be an Amazon sword.
That's what I thought at first also, but the vein color and texture didn't seem to match.

What do you look at in order to identify different families of aquatic plants. Can you go by leaf structure?
We pretty much have to go by the leaves but the correct way is by flower structure. Just experience I guess, I have had old sword plant leaves that looked like your plant's leaves.

Your plant isn't particularly happy at the moment [but I do see a nice healthy leaf in the center] maybe that is why you couldn't find a photo that looked like it.
Thanks for the info Kathyy

After looking around at some additional photos of swords on the net, I was able to find some relatively similar looking specimens, all looking unhealthy.

Will it help the plant to remove the old leaves and let it focus all it's energy on generating new growth? Or is that counter productive?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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