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Plant ID based on a description? (Now with pictures)

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I figure it's a stretch, but you never know...

I was walking along a stream bed with plenty of Persicaria hydropiperoides growing. In a few places is another Persicaria or Polygonum growing alongside it. It grows shorter, with a slightly more trailing habit with slightly wider, stubbier leaves. Both the P. hydropiperoides and this other plant had long, "stalky" type flowers. The P. hydropiperoides flowers were white and the mystery plant had pink flowers that were just a tad more compact. Any thoughts?

Update, see pics attached below...
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If you break the stem of emmersed alligator weed, it is hollow, which is a dead giveaway.

It does look very similar to smartweed, and can almost guarantee that's what it is.
Based on the pics I'm looking at online, I don't think so but... I think I need to go back and snap some pictures. I'll also try and break a stem and see if it's hollow. Too rainy today to go back :(
Interesting, would love to see pictures.

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The sun's out :) Running back to the park now with a camera.
The first picture has both plants in it for comparison. The second picture is what I believe to be Persicaria hydropiperoides. The third picture is the mystery plant that I'm pretty sure is a Persicaria or Polygonum.


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They look Very similar, maybey just a different Variety, like narrow leaf as opposed to broad leaf
They are very similar. It's the flower difference that makes me think different species, but I'm not sure.
Broadleaf smartweed? Polygonum pensylvanicum
I think you nailed it, h2oaggie. Thank you!
Glad I could help.

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