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Hi all - long story, but I had a problem with my 54 gallon tank and had to basically break the whole thing down, remove plants and substrate, etc. I put the plants in a 10G tank with eco-complete substrate and home-made root tabs. The lighting isn't great - just a pair of these: The plants have been in there for a week and seem to all be doing okay.

I thought it would only be week or so total for the plants to be in the holding tank, but then I got the flu and now my daughter has it (which means it will go through the whole family), so I haven't done any work on the 54 gallon. I don't anticipate being able to get it back up and running for at least another week, to be honest with myself it could be more like 2 weeks.

On top of that, I had *just* ordered 2 plant packages the day before I had to remove all the plants, so they will arrive any day now. They definitely will not all fit in the 10G, but I do have a very sparsely planted 10G tank with just 1 betta in it and another empty 5G tank so I can spread them out. Anyone have tips on keeping the plants healthy while they are just in limbo? I spent a lot of money, and I can't bear to think of them all just dying but they have to stay in holding for now. I guess the plants don't know the difference whether they are in their permanent tank or not, but it's a lot of moving and uprooting and they are definitely packed more tightly than I normally would have planted them.

I have predominantly easy plants - wisteria, anubias, java fern, amazon sword, moneywort, water sprite. I'm using Flourish right now, but I have ordered the Green Leaf Aquarium fertilizer pack. I do have Excel also but haven't used it yet.
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