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Plant Hoarding

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I had this big storie going and it got erased so I'm just gonna get to the point of my problem like the title sayes. I say it like this cuz I really never did any research an paied attention to all the details about the plants I have in my tanks. I only looked for what lighting and if they go in substrate or get tied to something and how to propagate them that's it. Now I have so many plants all are beginners plants and I can get sell any cuz a lot of people go for the more unique one. Back to the problem I jus wanna hear what stories others have about going through this point if they ever reached it. Well here some pics of my tanks and how they look right now.
My 70gal custom running about 2 months now.

My 5gal running for about 5 months now.

My 20gal my first tank ever, planted anyway.

As you can see I'm doing something right my plants are growing, growing not really thriving but anyway all my tanks have pressurized CO2 and some kind of lighting for the plants that was unhelpable cuz I got them for free so I'm not complaining at all. My 70 is the only one I paid for the lighting cuz I wanted very good lighting so I can grow anything. Well lets hear the stories of plant hoarding?
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