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Plant fertilizers in a shrimp tank.

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What kind of plant fertilizer is safe to use in a shrimp tank??
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anything. Just don't overdose anything.

If you find something that's not good, then please, share with us.

If anything, you should keep an eye out for anything with excessive copper.
I have used Seachem, GregWatson and ADA with no problems.
I have used tropica plant nutrition (without N & P) without problems.
I have used Seachem, GregWatson and ADA with no problems.
same here, except ADA
same here, except ADA
You had problems with ADA? Or are you saying you've never used it.
i've never tried it yet but i'm sure it should be fine
Hey all. This thread gave me the inspiration to write an article about ferts and shrimp. Everyone always asks so I figured I would give my input :) Fertilizers with Shrimp.html
very nice writeup but i wanted to add..when i said it was safe for shirmps, i was referring to RCS and Amano's. If it was a CRS or similar sensitive shrimps, i would not recommend dosing at all.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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