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Plant farming?

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My friend went and bought an 88g acrylic tank. Then he came today to see my set ups. He was amazed to say the least. He wants me to give him the plants for his tank and I could come get all the trimmings at trim time. Is this worth the effort?
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keep the plants.. slowly hand some off to him as everything gets bigger :)
Unless you wanted to tear down everythinng and start over (without re-using anything), why would you completely disrupt how your tank has progressed over time? I think the previous responses have been spot on, but I'll give you a few more things to contemplate.

Let's say you do as your friend suggests (give him all the plants from your tank).

1. What happens if one of you moves (relatively far away)?

2. What happens if you no longer remain on good terms?

3. What happens if your friend doens't quite have the same level of success you have achieved with the plants?

4. What if your friend loves ramshorn snails/duckweed in his tank but you think both are absolutely evil. Are you still going to want plantings?

5. What happens if your friend goes away on vacation and the unthinkable happens: 3 day power outtage, with nobody around to try and figure out how to care for the aquarium. It could take a while to recover, during which time you might not receive any plants...
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what happens when he kills all the plants?
Just give him whatever you trim.
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