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Hello again everyone, Something bad happened to my alternantheras and alternantheras only idk what did it..

I went away last sunday around 5 pm and came back home Monday around 6 pm and this is how my alternantheras greet me!

it was just a day, I always feed my fishes/ 12 shrimps every 12 in the afternoon so i miss feeding them on time that day, I dont have a picture of how it looked the same day before I went away , but here is a video I made before I went away for a day it might help
as you can see the alternantheras was looking healthy atleast for me,,

at first I tought it was a deficiency of some sort, but the alternantheras are the only ones that has the damage, the other plants are looking healthy! What couldve cost it?

its been 3 days since I saw the damage, and I tought it would get worse but it didnt, it stayed that way, the leaves isnt even browning, here is a picture I took this morning

I should also mention that I dose Flourish comp. every water change(twice a week), flourish pottasium every other day and flourish iron every day, so I missed dosing flourish iron for a day..

I dont check my waters, idk how to. rather i only use test strips and I know its not the best but judging on strips I have good waters,, unless I ran on some major problems I probably wont upgrade from test strips

edit: I have 6 black phantoms, 5 cardinal tetras, 2 cory cats, and 12 shrimps

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