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I seem to be having similar issues with my tank. It is about two months old and the plants don't seem to be doing very well with exception of the Java fern. I have tried to look at some charts and graphs to pinpoint what might be the problem. I suspect it might be potasium but i'm not sure. I also would like to know whether root tabs or liquid ferts would be a better solution based on the deficiency.

Fluval Edge 6gal
Eco-complete base
8-9 Hours of Light per day
Dose Seachem Fe, Flourish and Excel as recommended.
no CO2
tds:280 ppm

Results below are from API Master Test Kit
ammonia: 0ppm
nitrite: 0ppm
Nirate: 0ppm

Tank seems to be generally yellow and very slow growth/stunted. I need help with what the deficiencies are.


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Growth in NON CO2 tanks is in my experience ,measured in week's/month's.
I would want to see something in the way of nitrate's which is key macronutrient.
Were it me,,I might add a root tab under each sword plant for they are nutrient hog's and increase flourish comprehensive to twice a week.
Appear's to be a smaller tank, so the use of Seachem's EXCEL would not bee too expensive long term and would provide the plant's with some carbon (liquid CO2).
Alternative might be to purchase macro/micro package of the dry fertz from and dose as directed while feeding fish once a day.
This would allow you to do away with the flourish comprehensive and the macro/micro mix will provide all nutrient's cept phosphate (another key macronutrient), which you can supply by simply feeding the fish each day.
Macro/micro mix could last a year or more .
I run a 20 gal shrimp tank just this way.

P.S. Most sword plant's will easily overrun/get to big for the tank in photo but it will take a while.
OOP's, just saw where you ARE using EXCEl= good.
Just need to provide a little of all nutrient's.
Flourish comprehensive is mostly trace mineral's or micro nutrient's by %.(and water)

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Quick tip if you don't already know. With the nitrate test bottles, make sure to shake them really well before using them. Even tap them against something a couple of times. When I wasn't shaking them enough it used to read 0ppm when it really wasn't.
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