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I bought a plant assortment from these guys to get my new 55 going and honestly it was about twice as big as I needed (I often have this problem with pasta portions and aquarium plants).

I have a hefty portion of plants left and don't want to just dump them. I've included a photo of what I seem to have the most of below.

I'll send you everything for $55 shipped (that's about half of their 60+ assortment, some rooted, some stems - and more than 30 plants by my count). Definitely have some larger crypts, hornwort and similar-looking plants, some tall-grassy rooted plants I can't identify. Or we can work out a smaller quantity.

They are currently living in a bucket with a good light, but for best health, they should get sent out Saturday or Monday.

This is a sample of what I have, most of the rest are duplicates of these guys, but there's a couple little anubias rolling around in there too and other similar smaller fellows:


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