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im thinking for the summer of getting another lil project going.

im considering getting a new betta since my old one died last year due to a faulty Heater :(

here is what ihave in mind so far.
advice would be great.

tank: trueaqua's 8 gallon bowfront tank.

heater: 25 watt hydor heater.

substrate: possiblt fuval stratum

lights: not sure

plants: not sure

filter: possible internal filter

im thinking of keeping this tank low tech sine ihave a 20 long high tech tank. ijust wanna keep a simple yet cool looking betta tank.

questions ihave:
what would be a good LED light? im thinking current usa?
whats a good internal filter? if not imight go with AQ clear HOB filter or my AQ 30 that ihave already.
also, after my tank is cycled, im thinking of having a few tank mates, would it be ideal to put other fish in before my betta? since they can become a lil territorial at times?

advice and suggestions of low light to med light plants would great guys thanks!
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