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plans for my new set-up

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well i've had a nano with plants growing in it for a few months now, and i'm ready to upgrade to a 20g long (thats all i can fit in the house with all my other tanks), and i would like some help setting it up. I use cold sterile water, which the PH comes out to be 7.6. Here is the break down i am looking at doing.

20G long
Pressurized CO2 (1 bps, does that sounds ok?)
single bulb T5HO 67k (what brand do you recommend?)
Eheim 2215 with sponge over intake
Eheim Jager 75w heater
flourite black sand
Rootmedic root tabs
Rootmedic liquid ferts - 2 pumps every other day
glass diffuser for now, will get an inline soon

Staurogyne repens
Blyxa japonica
some thing thats red and grows taller, suggestions?

Water creatures:D
12 CPDs
3 Green neons (might get more)
8 pygmy cories
Cherry shrimp

I want to say with T5HO because i like the way the way they look. What can i use to make different levels in my tanks? look at the picture if you don't understand
Any suggestions, or opinions would be great. My layout is below.

Red = red plant
Blue = bylxa japonica
green = Staurogyne repens carpet
yellow= what to use to divide these levels with?
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Any help guys?
You can use ludwigia glandulosa for the red plant.
Thanks, any help with the light and dividers
I've seen small rocks used to divide or hold up a mound or hill type if that is what you are looking for. It adds a good natural look to it too.
Thats what i was thinking, where can I get them online? No local places have any, and its winter and everything is covered in snow. any help on a brand for the light fixture?
In reference to the "red" plants you want in the back corners: The problem with plant colors is that they'll come in differently depending on light level. When you choose your plants, make sure you do research on what light levels cause them to achieve a certain color.

What I thought was cryptocoryne wendtii (green) began growing brown/bronze leaves when I switched up to medium light and CO2, and some still unknown tiny rotala (I think) clippings I picked up had pink leaves, which all rotted away. They're growing wonderfully now, but all leaves are bright green.
true, i didn't think about that. i will have to take that in to consideration. any opinion on the light?
Any help on the light?
You would need to hang that light about 8-10 inches above the top of the tank to avoid having way too much light. Note that the link you showed is for the reflector only, the light itself is extra.

If you get a little drop checker you will have a much easier time adjusting the CO2 bubble rate correctly.
thanks, i must have mis-read. how about this:

yep, i working on getting a co2 indicator right now. I figured i would have to hang the light up.
That light with the reflector you linked to should work fine. It isn't water resistant so having it hanging well above the tank would be a good idea for that reason alone.
you can make the borders with cheap plastic notebook/binders...theyre readily available, pretty cheap ($1 each), easy to shape, and they come in a variety of colors

cut the binder into strips...and place the rock boundary in front of it
and match the color of the binder to the color or the rocks used (instead of the substrate)
ok thanks guys, i believe the light comes with a reflector.

Thanks for the binder tip, i am thinking i am going to use lava rock for its red color, now just to find a place that has some.:icon_roll
Hey there - I believe you can get lava rock at the garden centers at places like Home Depot or Lowes. I got a huge bag there for not much $ but that was a couple of years ago so don't know if they still carry it.
ya i will go look and see if they have any, thanks
I recently researched a setup almost exactly what you're looking at a few months ago. I have pressurized CO2 and run it at about 2.5 BPS and I get a nice green color on my DIY drop checker. As for lights I have 3 18W 6700K T8s running above my tank for 9 hours a day. This with the CO2 and ferts is more than enough light, I have excellent growth. Any other questions I might be able to help with too
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