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Planning to hook my tanks up to a single sump (15, 5, planning a 40 gal), recommendations?

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After I move in the summer I intend to set up a sump for all my tanks. I'm getting a heavy-duty shelf to put my two current tanks and a 40 on. I've got a fluvial 15, but I think I'm going to take the back compartment off of that as I feel it's a waste of space, and I'll add a DIY for the new intake and outtake. My other is a 5 gal running on a sponge filter. sump size for 60 fish gal of water? Filtration set ups (bio and mechanical).
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I would just do individual filters for each tank either power filters (HOB) or sponge filters, simpler and it reduces the potential for one sick tank to infect the other tanks.
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