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I'm working on the scape for my 10g, and I'm now at the point where I need to pick out some plants. I could very prop from my other tanks but I want to go a different direction with this one.

Break down of the tank
dirt tank
finnex ultra slim r LED
AC 20 fitler

I've looked through the plant database, i've picked out a few plants that I want. I'm unsure at this point in time if I will put co2 on this tank, be it a paintball set up or a simple diy.

I plan on taking a bunch of dwarf hairgrass from my 29g to use as the carpet. I've never tried to grow Blyxa japonica. I've done some research on it, but the results have been mixed. If this tank ends up on the low tech side, will I have any issues growing the Blyxa japonica without co2? I know it will grow slower, which I'm fine with.
Pros and cons for this plant?

I'm going for the "root" style scape, I got a box of manzanita from Tom Barr, I'm not sure if I want to add a moss to the branches or not. If so, what moss looks the best?
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