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Planning new 75g - need LED lighting suggestions

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Hi all,

So after about 2 years out of the hobby due to work, I'm starting to plan a new aquarium. This time, I'd like to do a 75 gallon. However, I'll need to get a new lighting unit. I previously used a MaxSpect Razor 8000K on my 65 gallon and it did okay. My requirements are:

1. LED;
2. Will fit a 48" long tank;
3. Some basic programmability, especially color spectrum control;
4. A built in timer is greatly preferred;
5. Adjustable brightness such that I can alter it's use from low light applications to high light. I'm open to using multiple fixtures, but would prefer that they can be tied together electronically if possible.

Any suggestions are appreciated! It seems some advances have been made in LED lights since I bought my Razor several years ago.


Any opinions on the Current USA Satellite+ Pro?
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FWIW, I am running 1 Plus Pro and 1 Plus on my 75g tank. Currently the Plus is running full power for 9 hours. The Plus Pro is at 70% for 8 hours.
Ended up doing both lights as the 1 light just did not have enough speed for the upper 1/3 of the tank.
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Continuing to do research, and I think I've narrowed things down to the following:

2 x Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0;

2 x Current USA Satellite + Pro (or maybe a +Pro and just a +).

Thoughts? I'm really interested in the digital timers/controllers that both companies offer, though I don't know if they're intended to work with these units. If I had two units, it would be preferable to be able to "link" them using one of these controllers.

Any input/opinions appreciated!
I purchased two Satellite plus pro's a few months ago. One for my ten gallon, and one for my parents' 20L. While their tank was under construction, I kept the one on my 30gallon tall tank, in place of my duel t5 to test it out.... I am absolutely amazed at the intensity and PAR values. I don't have a PAR meter though I have several plants that give a good idea. Their claim as having high PAR is accurate. You can adjust the different colors for the visual effect you desire, but I think looks great with equal lighting spectrums. Much better than fluorescent lighting.

The plus pro on my 10 gal. Has to be reduced to 50%...and I may go lower, my plants are still growing sideways away from the light and fighting algae.

Not sure if you can link them together...I don't think so, but maybe if you're handy with electrical stuff?

Another downside is that you can't have a siesta period, but is still highly programmable in every other way.

If you can't link them, i think it would add to the already present ramping effect. It would be nice but IMO I think linking them would be somewhat pointless and maybe even decrease the performance of the two units given that it would be plugged into one outlet, but I'm no electrical engineer by far. Others with experience building their own LEDs would have some advice.
Overall, I can't be happier with the satellite plus pro, and I did ALOT of research. Boone has any bad reviews of the product. If anything, it's Too also hangs very low, too close to the surface in my opinion.

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I have 2 sat + pros running on a 70g 20" to substrate. They are awesome lights.

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