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I am dying to have a fish tank again, so starting a savings fund so I can purchase all of the equipment. I used to have fish tanks before but had to sell them :(. Never really successful at planted tanks. So I am researching while I am saving. I also have plans where aunt and I are going to build a custom bookshelf stand for it. But before we can start the build I need the parts first because it has to be exact measurements.

I was hoping for advice I was going to list the items I was going to purchase but some may change as I do more research.

- 20 Gallon Tank 24 x 12 x 16 H (Can't have anything too long or big b/c its gong in my room.
- Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light x2 24inch
Not sure if this will work with the two lights above.
- And Air pump for filter and Hagen Hutrafin Co2
2 inches
1 inch

Of course I will get driftwood, rocks and test kits and Seachem Flourish Tabs after those main parts.

What I would like to have in the tank after its established is:

First the Plants:

Baby Tears, Weeping Moss, and maybe moneywort to start with.

Then when the water and plants are doing good and I test the water I would like to get:

Shrimp: Blue Jelly Shrimp(10), Taiwan Fire Shrimp(10), Purple Vampire Crab(4-5)
If any fish maybe Green Neon Tetras(10-15).

I would love any advice or different equipment I should get instead of what I have posted. Will I need another heater other than the undergravel one? And I might want to add a Bubble Wall Airstone maybe along the back of the tank. I know that I would what 2-4 watts per gallon.

I have started my SmartyPig savings fund :).

Now my design for the bookshelf stand. The top part of the shelf you will see the 20 gallon tank. You will see no gaps between the glass and the wood. Then there will be a frame edge so you see straight through the tank and see only the tank, you would not see the hood or bottom or top frame of the tank. Same goes for the two sides of the tank like a wood frame just around the edges.

Then a small shelf right below where the tank is so have the pump and other equipment. That will have a door on it so its not seen.

Then I would like a power strip built in to the bottom somewhere for all the plugs then maybe one more shelf below that.

Don't really have the dimensions planned out just yet just a rough draft so to say. But once I can get all the fish tank stuff my aunt and I can start planning the build of the tank stand to work with my room.

What do you think of that bookshelf tank design build?
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