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planaria dosing

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So I've dosed my tank with No Planaria for 3 full days now, according to pkg directions.
Little bastages are still zooming around on the glass.
Is it OK to let the residual dose sit in the tank until I no longer see planaria, instead of removing it with carbon and PWC at 3 days??

(Yes, I realize I could have used panacur, etc.)
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They are pinkish and triangle head? Just wondering.
Well no, and that is one of my problems. They are white and I have yet to see any with the distinctive head shape. And crawling on the glass, i cannot see their eyes, obviously. Plus, they are all small, only 2-3mm max.

I made a DIY trap, just for monitoring purposes, and maybe I didn't build it well, but after 2 days none have gone in the baited trap.

I have also seen detritus worms - they look like white threads , writhing about in the water column. I think those were killed by the N.P.

What else could these be?
I have used No Planaria before. It only kill planaria and leave other worms untouch.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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