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Plan to sell aquarium plants.

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I am planning to do 3-4 10 gallons and 4-5 5 gallon buckets, each will have a sponge filter some plants and a few shrimp. Each bucket will have a different type of plant. Each tank will have some different mosses and shrimps. I will have two lights stretched over everything, I was also thinking about using a 55-gallon rubber made tub. Can I put anything other than shrimp in the buckets? Is there anything I should change?
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If your plan is to sell plants to make money (as opposed to keeping fish) then you should definitely not even consider filling the tanks, or even using tanks at all. You should be growing everything emersed and if possible outside in a green house, or just plain outside once the weather is nice. Emersed plants grow significantly faster then submersed plants, like 10 times faster. This is why greenhouses that sell aquarium plants do it emersed.

There are a few species popular in the hobby that this can't be done with. Other then those you should just pursue everything emersed.
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