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Plagiomnium Trichomanes moss

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I want you guys to see the photos of the moss I was successful after sometime.
I've grown the moss emmersed in the beginning and later on slowly submersed took 6 months n lots of patience but here are the results.
Today it grows submersed completely in water. Hope u like it attached is a picture of the moss.

It started growing much better when I removed it from the plastic mesh which held it and attached to a driftwood with the help of the green moss net .
I know the pictures are not very clear did my best :icon_redf
My experience with this moss is as follows:
It needs bright light for a period of atleast 6 hours.
Soft water i.e.PH 6.6-7.00 gentle water flow, fertilizers-undemanding.

Recently I've started separating small pieces of this moss and transferred to aquariums with different conditions like RO, CO2+good fertilization soft water+low TDS and also 100% tap water with high PH and trying to see how it reacts and growth rate.
I'll post my experiences in this thread (success and failure) in this thread.

I found this link today from a russian forum my Plagiomnium Trichomanes moss leaves look exactly the same like the ones in the third picture. The guy who took this picture has a camera with sophisticated lense so his photograph is successful
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