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Here is a way to assess water movement.

Get a stick such as a bit of bamboo or a dowel. The dowel should be long enough to reach the bottom of the tank. Longer is just fine.
Tie some thread to it at about 4" intervals, leaving several inches hanging.
Put this in the tank in many places and watch the thread. You can see the direction and get some idea of the force of the flow in different areas.

Try moving the AC70 closer to the middle of the tank.
Try adding the circulation pump in different locations: higher or lower, aimed one way or another...

It may take some time, but when you think the flow is better, let it run for a week or so.
Remove most of the algae by hand, no need to get fanatical about it, and watch to see how fast it recovers.

In general you want to aim the various pumps so they enhance each others' flow. Not cross, not create chaos.

How well are the filters doing at removing debris? Does one need to be cleaned more often than the other? (The dirty one is doing its job- removing debris)
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