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Place to gather plants

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Anyone in the Myrtle Beach/coastal area know of any places to pick some plants?
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Hi, there are lot of south carolina native plants that are in 90% of fish stores. need to find a creek or pond. if you can find spots on creeks or ponds where waterig going to it,you can find plants. i find ponds better for plants....

i have found, ludiwiga repens,aculata,broadleaf, there are 3 diff vals. stringy moss, star moss, fissidens moss, even banna plants are native to sc. you can find venus fly traps, pitcher plants and ghost shrimp.

the sc dnr has a website with all the plants here and where they are. just do a search for south carolina aquatic plants
I was wondering about this. I have a couple of plants that i have gotten from the river. Some do well others not so much. If you know any good spots in the columbia area let me know. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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