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Pine trees

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So I've recently been setting up my aquarium, but I've hit a little snag. I know this is a topic that has been bounced around quite a bit but I'm really hoping someone can give me the definite answer I need . I've been looking at some aquascapes lately, particularly mustafa erdogar's "plateau" aquascapes, and I was wondering if anyone knew how he made those pine trees. I've collected some small branches and have a lot of java moss I'd like to use , but I want to know the best way to create that look first. Also, if I start with the DSM, will the moss still grow with regular misting?
Thanks a bunch

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can't answer the aquascape. but yes the moss will grow emersed, as long as you don't let them dry out they will grow just fine.
Incredible aquascapes by Mustafa Erdogar! thanks for sharing
Those are pretty amazing scapes. First thought on the trees themselves, looks like he took the time to super glue individual strands to the wood and trimmed to the shape he wanted.
It looks like sticks with trimmed flame moss on them. Its likely a LOT of upkeep.
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