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Pinch Flat's 20 Gallon Planted/Community Tank

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Hello Everyone,

After a grueling bout with saltwater aquariums that left me bruised, I converted my Innovative Marine 20 gallon NUVO Fusion into a community/planted tank. During the great salt tragedy of 2017, we were simultaneously (yet successfully) running a freshwater Fluval Edge 6 (gallon). We simply moved the freshwater fish/plants over a few weeks ago with some new additions and are trucking right along. Originally got into aquariums for our young daughter, but I’ve grown to appreciate them as well. We are easy going (amateur) hobbyists that want healthy animals and plants in a comfortable, beautiful, and entertaining environment. I've read through The Planted Tank passively for a year, but am looking to become a contributor to the community. Hope you enjoy the progress; feel free to offer comments or ask questions!

More pictures below info!

1x Long-Finned Zebra Danio (Pizza)
1x GloFish Zebra Danio (Bubbles)
3x Long-Finned Leopard Danios
6x Neon Tetras

2x Orange Bee Shrimp
1x Blue Carbon Rili
1x Amano Shrimp (Tempura)
2x Nerite Snails (Daniel (Tiger) and Beetle Juice)

Plants (w/ my own naming convention)
Amazon Sword 1 (Those really tall ones in the back)
Amazon Sword 2 (Those ones in the middle)
Anubias barteri (The dark green weed on the right)
Micro Sword (Grass)
Corkscrew Vallisneria (Twirly)
Cardinal Plant?? (That bunch of short dark green plants)
6x strands of Java Moss (Complimentary w/ the Blue Carbon Rili)

Tank: IM 20 gallon NUVO Fusion
Light: AI Prime HD
Light Mount: AI 12” Flex Arm
Pump: Cobalt Aquatics MJ-600 (160gph)
Substrate: Seachem Flourite Black (~25 lbs)
Wood: Manzanita branch
Water: Distilled and RO
Heater: Aquatop 75 Watt Glass Aquarium Heater
Media Baskets: 2x IM Aqua Gadget CustomCaddy
Previous Media (to help insta-cycle): Fluval Edge Triple Pack
New Media: Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite, Seachem Purigen, and IM Filter Media Triple Pack (mechanical, carbon, and phosphate)
ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro
Thermometer: Taylor 3516 Digital Instant Read Thermometer
Food: Fluval Daily Nutrition Tropical Fish Flakes

Seachem Flourish[
Seachem Stability (for now)omg
Seachem Flourish Excel (minor doses)


Long-Finned Zebra Danio

GloFish Zebra Danio

Long-Finned Zebra Danio

Neon Tetra

Bumble Bee Shrimp

Amano Shrimp

Nerite Snail


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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