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Hey everyone,

I have new plants on the way and I want someone to scape it for me. Here is what I have right now as far as plant species:

50+ Giant vals
30+ Wisteria
30+ corkscrew vals
5+ madagascar lace full
2 red rubin
2 crinum thaianum
2 crinum calamistratum
A LOT rotala
1 bushel water primrose
asorted smaller swords
10 cyrpt nurii
2 cryptocoryne wendtii
1 lucens
1 bunch Ludwigia Peruenis
1 bunch nesaea pedicellata
1 bunch pogostemon stellatus
1 vesuvius sword
1 bunch alternanthera reineckii

I'm not so worried about the carpet, I'll fill that in as I go but if you want to scape my high light 125 than post a picture or ppt. Its a large footprint to play with so do your damage and I'll scape it to your specs!

Lets do this! Best submission by next friday wins and I'll post pictures when I'm done.


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Where is your imagination. I'm not trying to match position by height. I'm trying to put together a well formulated color scheme also. I got one submission by way of my inbox. I got in an indepth PM conversation with someone about possible driftwood additions and what I currently have and this is what they came up with.

I'm assuming the flame driftwood is driftwood with flamemoss on it and the java driftwood is just that, driftwood I have attached java fern to.
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