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OK so I lucked up on a Craigslist deal, picking it up Tuesday. Leaves me a few days to get this all planned out. In the end of it I'm going to have a 55 gallon with 48inch t5s x4, fluorite I believe. My first non dirted tank. Possibly a home for discus when it's all perfected :)

I don't really have the best luck with my low techs here with my water. I have phosphate buffered city water. Very soft(3gh/4kh), 7.4ph, phosphates @2+ out of tap. So I'm of theory that the phosphate presence leads to hair/brown algae too quickly in a low tech with my water supply and growth is just too slow. Maybe I'm just a co2 junkie now that I see the results. :) so

I ask this.....

Is it better to even attempt to split my aquatek mini regulator with a Y splitter of some sort. I'm already a little disappointed in the needle valve on the regulator as it is. The description for their splitter has mixed reviews to put it nicely. But it also says it fits my u.s. Paintball tank out of the box with no adapter which is sweet..... So I have a spare paintball tank for it. Would it be wiser to just buy one if these cheap 30$ regulators off amazon or eBay with a new bubble counter and diffuser? I don't believe they will thread on paintball tanks though will they*or will I need an adapter for that. I'm from the states so gotta fit our weird stuff... Any thoughts or links to current eBay/amazon regulators or splitters that anyone's had success with themselves would be greatly appreciated. I just feel like the aquatek regulator was a 100$ mistake and I could of bought the same quality @30$ from China. Upaqua or ista style I'm talking. So what would be the best rout? I'm not much of a poster, sorry if I jumped around or left anything out. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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