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picture size on posts

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I have seen people that have larger pictures in there posts and not thumbnail pictures. How do you do that. Is it copy and paste?
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Ok like I said I am not computer wiz so even though I know you are telling me how to do it. I am still lost. Are you saying that they use photo bucket or some other host site and then add the URL to it?
Yes, exactly. They don't use the attachments feature on the board. The picture is hosted elsewhere.

But even with the attachments feature, if you click on the picture, it should get bigger.

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^ OMG that is just a cute picture. I hate sounding like a woman, but that is just ONE CUTE KITTIE!!!!! lol

Zid, if you upload your pictures to and use them for your photo hosting, they actually already have vB code links right there, underneath your pictures. So you would just single click the code link, and then come over to your post here, and paste it in. They make it very easy.

Or, you just simply find a picture somewhere on the net that you like, like from a google images search, and then copy the url, and then paste it into your post by clicking on the little mountain range icon above the reply box. This is essentially the same thing as just manually typing [img] and [/!mg] around a manually entered or pasted URL.

* Note: I purposefully substituted an ! for the i above.
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