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4 month old set up in my 4 yr olds room. He wanted sharks so we have balas in there. (Don't worry, they will graduate to a 5' tank.)

Balas, harlequin, pristilla, cherry barb (look great in the pinkish reinecki), neons, panda cory's, oto, 2 livebearers, snails (never bought one)

Crypt wendtii
Camboba (love this plant but it's important to keep on it)
Crypt (long leaves)
Ludwigia (turning red)
Java and many offspring
Wisteria (just rooted-took a month)
Couple more I can't remember

Fluval 204
Flourish/Flourish Excel
Fluval planted led lights (8 hours on but room is bright)
Flourite substrate

Learned everything from this forum.

Also have a 125 planted discus at work that is really filling nicely. I'll post pics soon.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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