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Pico Cube + Wave

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Right this is My Pico tank that I made from a CD Storage box available from Instore/Pounstretcher. Note that this was the first time i have tried to seal anything with sealer and its a little messy.

I have used it a few times, and since i have a Beautiful White Male Betta from my spawn I made him a little home.

Spare Peices of bogwood with some Glosso and Creeping Jenny Attached. just trying as some was floating around in the cube.
Some Dwarf Chain Swords and Salvinia as a Floating Plant.

Lighting is a Desk lamp with a reflector bulb in it.


Heres Mr Snow

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Even though it is only a few hours old. I've already got ideas for a cool little scape. Using Twisted Driftwood twigs and a carpeting plant, so watch this space
Neat idea(grabs cd cases and silicon)
Neat idea(grabs cd cases and silicon)
Its a CD storage Cube made of Perspex that I Sealed.
Oh, well anyways, it encouraged me to make a tiny pico out of the top of some box. i doubt i will keep it running long, as i don't really want to, but it was fun to see what i could do with it.

I Just got back from Crimbo Sales shopping and found a place selling the most brilliant pico Vases that are perfect for Pico tanks. They are glass 3mm thick and weigh alot.

Will scape one up and post pix later.
Ok so I got three different Styles and this is my Fave so Scaped it.

I need to dig my Pico Filter out from the garage, but its ok for now.

The Warehouse I got them from is on Ebay aswell - Directforless.

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Nice, i love this thread!
nice! i was going to grab the same tank for my parents.

great work bro
Sorry, but tank is very small for betta.:icon_mad: Betta doesn't have room turn in tank.
Sorry, but tank is very small for betta.:icon_mad: Betta doesn't have room turn in tank.

No its not, the Tank is over twice the length wider than the fighter. If it wasn't happy to be in it, he wouldn't have a nest going right round rim of the tank. He does not like the larger sizes and prefers this size.

You obviously have little experience with bettas.
Want you life in closet? If you are 180cm long, your room was 3,6mx2mx5m very many space.:eek:
It looks to me like gill breeds bettas.
I can say from experience, bettas don't like anything real big, they're not the best swimmers. that tank is fine for him.
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