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Pick the culprit ( plant eater )

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Ive recently gotten some ratty looking Staurogyne repens in my 29g tank. It looked great when I got it--it flourished for a few months sending out baby plants and spreading throughout the foreground--then the leaves started looking ragged. The more I look at them ( after adjusting lighting, CO2, ferts etc. ) I think something is gnawing on them. There are a few stalks that are bare now and look like a corn cob after a big meal on Sunday.

In the tank ;

mated pair of Kribensis
Harlequin rasboras x10
one lonely Cardinal tetra
one lonely neon tetra
one lonely Oto
a few mini ramshorn snails--the male Krib takes care of most of the snails but a few survive--they are tiny though.
Im thinking it is the Kribensis eating the plants--but Im not certain. There are no other plants that have been eaten.
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The only one I could imagine doing that are your Kribs. "Audacity" is their middle name. :hihi:
Back when I had kribs, they were notorious for nibbling on my plants.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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