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Pick one: rainbow or roseline?

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Hello, everyone!
I'm having so much fun deciding what fish to put in my new 75-gal low-tech medium planted tank; in addition to a school of harlequin rasboras, I would love to have a group of either rainbow fish (boesmanii or other?) or roseline sharks (which are apparently barbs, not sharks).
My water pH is somewhat high.
The substrate and many rocks are black or dark, and there is a variety of plants.
Which species would you choose?
(if you have a suggestion besides those two, please don't hold back!)
Thanks for your ideas!
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Rainbows do well in alkaline water. I don't know much about roselines but I do know that they're pricey and I think they're endangered in the wild. Given that they're from SE Asia they most likely do better in softer water.
I personally prefer roselines, also roselines do fine in hard water.
Why not both? I keep both in my 75 gallon just fine. I have probably 8 rose lines and 4 Bosmani I believe. My TSAE also school with my rise lines which is cool.
Just keep in mind that Roseline Barbs get up to the 6 inches long. I have 3 that I bought a for my 75 they were about 2.5 inches when I got them...they are all well over 3 inches now; this was less than 5 months ago. This is what I have in my tank now. I won't be adding anything else this is pushing the max as far as I am concerned.

3 Rose Line barbs
2 half black angels
1 Bolivian Ram
10 Red Back Bleeding heart Tetras
3 bushy nose plecos
4 Siamese algae eaters.
A school of Roselines is an awesome thing to have.
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