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(pic)Plant not doing well, should it be removed?

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I cant remember what this is? My LFS just threw it in for me. Its melting and I am not sure what to do..remove it, trim? I am a newb! Just put it in two days ago. I have Co2 goin, flourite, dose with flourish, AC50 HOB, temp 81', water parameters are perfect...Ph-7.8


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Looks like you may be able to salvage two stems (left and right). The two in the middle look too far gone to me.
It's Nesaea Pedicellata 'Golden." The stems that are still pink and not mushy may make it, but throw out the ones that are in the center if the are indeed mushy. They'll just rot and possibly mess up your water.

Here is a thread on the plant from a while back.
Nesaea Pedicellata 'Golden' is a fairly difficult plant for beginners. Leave it in for a couple more days and see what happens.
thank you guys..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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