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pic of my community shrimp/cray/snail tank

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inside my community tank Yellow shrimps, golden in far left corner, tiger tooth cbs and hinos, and purple brig snails, and somewhere in this pic is a couple of juvenile cpo's...all living in perfect harmony!
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impressive! My crays(marmokrebs) love eating snails
CPO's only eat the meat out of dead ones! That's how I feed my baby crays...squish pond snails for them and they grow like crazy! Another member on this forum told me about that and it worked great.

These are big enough now to just steal the pieces of algae wafers from the shrimps and the snails...I took another pic today of my OEBT tank with the shrimps in a ball around the adult cray who's desparately trying to steal the algae wafer, but obviously not succeeding. He gave up after a while....he just walks right past the shrimp without touching them.

another pic showing mamma brig too
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