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Phosphorus in my RO system,

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I decided to start getting more disciplined with my tank and water parameters. I have an RO filter that i have had for about 1 year. I recently replaced the pre-filters (carbon, and micron) but have not changed the reverse osmosis membrane yet. It is rated for 25,000 gallons. I am getting a reading of 0.25 straight out of the RO (blue) line, This is a constant in all of my tanks as well, 75 Planted, and 55 reef, there is an obvious presence of hair algae in both tanks. My question, is this reading small enough to ad some sort of filter medium that absorbs PO4. Carbon doesn't do the trick.
Thanks a lot PT peeps.

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how long you have the lights, when was the last time you changed them?? i don't think P kits are accurate and that 0.25 P is nothing to cause that algae.
my plant tank runs lights for 8 hours, (CO2) there is a mild case of black beard algae. It's nothing major, just a few spots it is a 75 gal tank. I run 4 t5ho, The bulbs are the zoomed kind from petco 54 watt. The reefer has the most green hair algae. I have put out feelers in my reef community for that answer.

My lights are about 24 inches above the substrate. and the BBA occurs close to the surface of the tank. The lower strata of the tank is fairly clean.
Thank you for your response.

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lights were changed about 3 months ago.

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Try adding a deionazation unit after the thin film membrane. That should bring all your readings to zero on your RO water.
Why do you want to short your plants of phosphate? If they are deficient they will grow slower, and algae can get started.

Dose more phosphate, if your tests are showing only a fraction of a ppm.
It's to be able to account for all of the PO4 that is into the tank. The water i want to be a blank slate. thank you for your info. I have never heard of a deionizing unit. ill look into it. thanks.

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