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I bought two regulators as a lot a couple weeks ago, pull the trigger because low price, only spent $43 for two double stage regulator, and they were in working condition while been removed.

both look the same, old, tarnished and stained, but they were not abused or suffer any physical damage, so I am confident that I could make them work again.

This is one of the two, a rebranded Phoenix double stage regulator, it is the same as Hoke/Go or Alphagaz 2650 chassis regulator.

took it apart,

cleaned, polished, with all the right tools but still, spent about 4 hours working on it.

Get ready to assemble,

Done, and test ok.

The actual parts cost to build this double stage co2 system:

Phoenix double stage regulator, brass, $21.5
brass co2 stem and nipple, $9
brass fittings, $6
burkert solenoid, brass, new, acquired it long time ago for $22
Nupo/swagelok first generation metering valve, M series but high precision at low flow control due to its design, $22.
air hose push and pull fitting, pull from other equipment, free

it only cost me $80, ....

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Very impressive! Turned out better than I initially expected when I saw the first pic.
Probably even more impressive - you only have $80 invested in a complete 2 stage regulator :)
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