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PH trouble

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i just got this mardel PH kit and it showed that my PH is 7.8 but then i have 3 neon tetras that i just got today and seem to be doing fine. and most sites i've seen tetras go for 6.5-7.0 PH. On another forum someone said that they will planning on getting 12 rummynose tetras,2otos,10shrimps(not sure which) and a few plants..will they adapt and survive? He also said its best to leave PH alone.
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IME you are better off leaving the pH alone, they will adapt.

There are only 2 ways that I would consider to lower pH, one is with mixing with RO\DI water the other is CO2.
If you have a planted tank, are you running CO2? That should help lower the pH.

When you get the rummy nose Drip acclimate them. Put the bag into pitcher, what have you, container, open it up, use some airline tubing with a valve, and let the water drip (~1 per sec) into the bag.

thanks. no im not running co2
Ph, Kh

For sure, CO2 can be expensive, but maybe you can start a sugar, yeast system, It can be fun to do. And work relatively well on small setup.

If you want your ph to go down you have to see where is your Kh (carbonate Hardness) it is directly in relation with your ph.

When more carbonate are present, the ph will probably be in the high levels. Less carbonates and the ph will have tendency to go down.

Rain water (almost distill water) have no kh and will be on the acidic side around 5 ph.

Keep your kh low. around 20 mg/l is a good target to keep your ph around 6,8. Do not go lower than 10 mg/l because you can experienced a ph crash where the ph go in the 5 rapidly. (not a mith, it happened to me)

Low ph is good for tetra and aquatic plants because it’s recognize that at that low ph level (6,5) the plants have a greater nutrients absorption...
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thanks for the reply glouglou. do i need co2 for my tank? or would it be fine without it?
my tank will be lightly planted and not heavy.nor will it have plants that need bright light. im just have some hardy plants in my tank.

Some natural setup do not use CO2.
With medium light per gallon, I think you can go without it, try some plants and keep the one that stay in good shape. If you have a small tank you can try the yeast, sugar homemade setup, cost almost nothing.

You can hook the CO2 to a limeWood or ceramic diffuser and shoot that in the entry of one of your filter...
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