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I've been using an old heater holder and an E996D PVC 1/2" box adapter by Carlon to hold my Milwaukee pH controllers.

I've been using a heater holder and this E996D PVC 1/2" box adapter by Carlon since with Milwaukee pH controllers.

It's shown on the top left corner on page 3. It looks like a top hat turned upside down with a hole in the center: Catalog/Conduit_Fittings_Schedule_40_and_80.pdf

They're $0.42 at Lowes in the electrical/conduit section.

It's dimensions are:
5/8" ID
13/16" OD
the top is 1 1/8" OD

The inside hole is just wide enough to hold a probe but small enough that the top of the probe keeps itself from falling through it. The OD is just right for a heater holder w/suction cup. The top of the box adapter is wide enough that it doesn't fall through the heater holder.

It works well and it's cheap too.

Marine Depot sells a probe holder:
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