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PH parameters and shrimp deaths

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I have had a problem lately with shrimp stressing or passing away after water changes. I am assuming that it is PH shock. I have a 6 gallon fluval edge, heavily planted with supplemental CO2 at 3 bubbles every 2 seconds. The drop checker gives a reading of good CO2 levels. Nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia are not detected. However my other parameters don't make sense. Tap
DKH = 4
DGH = 8
PH = 7.4

DKH = 6
DGH = 12
PH = 6.0

i do weekly water changes of 3/4 gallon. I try to add the water back over a 5-10 minute period.
I don't understand how my PH can be so low with that height a GH and KH
I live in central Ohio. According to the utility website the only contributor to water hardness is calcium carbonate from limestone.

I do add 3cc of leaf zone by API weekly
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You are injecting 1.5 bps in a 6 gallon tank - this will lower your pH considerably. Take some tank water out, let it sit for 2 days, and then do a pH test on it.

Also, no nitrates on a heavily planted tank is something you need to check on. You should shoot for 5-10ppm for more delicate shrimp or 10-20ppm for things like Cherries and Amanos ;)

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Thank you for responding. I re-tested the nitrate and nitrite. Nitrate is at 20ppm nitrite 0ppm. I pulled out the water and will let you know what PH is after 48 hours.
The different PH from the tap should not be an issue. Do 50% wc every week and my tap is 8.1 and my tank is 5.8. What could be a bigger problem is the GH perhaps. I am guessing you have a substrate or some kind of decoration releasing minerals in your water.
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Thank you

Thank you for the responses. After letting water sit out of the aquarium for 48 hours my PH is 8. I have tourned CO2 down to 1 bps and retest the Ph. I have 2 rocks I thought where inert but will take them out. And replace them with something that will not add to water hardness. I think you both where spot on with your advice. ThanKYou.
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