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pH level question

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Hello guys,

new to the forum, have a few questions, I have two tanks newly setup, they are cycling, 1 has Fluval shrimp startum for substrate, the other has Eco complete plant/black. The Fluval tank is getting Nutrafin Cycle, the ECO complete got Tetra safestart, they both got a even small load of fish per actual gallon (zebra danios) just to get things going. All of which were added 3 days after initial start up, all are still alive and kicking.

I would like to do shrimp in them, and eventually CRS, but I realize a problem I'm having is pH, in my Fluval tank, like the package describes my pH is infact lower, I'm in the 6.5 range, which I think is not ideal for shrimp like the CRS. However in the ECO complete tank I am at 7.5 and maybe pushing a little more, is this truely in fact due to the substrate differences? identical water was used, identical chemicals for removing chlorine etc. That being said, how do I go about raising it?

On a side note I do believe the SafeStart works, my ammonia has not risen off of 0 ppm, and the first few days nitrates were moving up, now 0, things are now leveling off just fine..I did notice whatever bacteria is in there is now all kinds of attached to my tank decorations, all in the filter media, not sure if its algae growing now or what but figure the shrimp and an otto will clean everything up sooner or later :)
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Neither pH 6.5 nor pH 7.5 is a problem. Eco Complete can raise the KH a bit, causing the pH to go up.
ok cool, now with GH the shrimp tank kit came with "mineral" supplement that says dose to proper GH levels, well what exactly is proper and what can test GH? my master kit doesn't look like it can
I'm not sure what the proper GH level should be for shrimp. As far as test kits go, API makes a KH and GH test kit to supplement the master kit. I wish they would have included this in the master kit as I check KH much more often than ammonia or nitrite. Once a tank is established the ammonia and nitrite are always zero in my tanks. I don't ever check these unless I am having a problem with livestock.
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