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PH/KH=CO2 content???

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does anyone here have the book"AQUARIUM PLANTS MANUAL" author scheurmann published by barrons?On page 11 it talks about determining co2 content by measuring ph and kh and coming up with co2 miiligrams/quart.Or can anyone tell me if they know if this formula is accurate? for example the chart says if you have a ph of 6.8 and a kh of 6dch you would have 28.0 milli/quart co2 content.
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I read the article that comes with that chart just now,I gotta a headache from it.Thanks for pointing me towards the sticky.
To figure out if the chart works for your water, leave out a sample of your tank water so it comes to equilibrium with the atmosphere and then check the values against the chart. If it says higher than 2 - 3ppm, there are things in your water making it more acidic and it will mean the chart is inaccurate for your water. If it says 2 - 3ppm or so, you can rely on a certain amount of accuracy.
It's accurate if the only buffers in your water are Carbonate/bicarbonate buffers.
If you have high phosphates, or some other buffer, it won't be accurate.
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