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Hi bsg,

That betta is lucky you're trying to take such good care of him! When taking care of a lethargic/fin rot betta, many people simply keep them in a small heater container (1 gallon is fine) with no filter so that they can rest and recover. The anubias is fine to have in the tank, unless you are worried about the PH changes. I haven't heard a lot about PH crashes and bettas being overly affected by PH, but it might be a thing. You'd be fine removing the plants and just focusing on having calm, warm, clean water for him to recover in. I personally would not move him to the 5 gallon until he was a little better, but only if because 1 gallon is an easier hospital tank to monitor.

Frequent water changes are good for keeping the ammonia and nitrite down, as long as the water you're adding in is roughly the same temperature as the water was before the water change. Daily rapid fluctuation in water temp could be potentially stressful for him. Otherwise, it sounds like you are doing good in your care.

I think when you mean fin rot by "stress" you mean when a betta bites his own fins from boredom/stress, which makes it easier for the fins to get fin rot. Some people use Stress Coat as the tap water dechlorinator when a betta has fin rot as it might help some -- not sure if accurate or not. At any rate, either Prime or Stress Coat are good choices, so stick with Prime or try some Stress Coat if you have it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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