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ph change by co2 and how it affects fish

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alright guys so recently i purchased some fish before doing research on them ... im running pressurized co2 and my ph is around 7.4 during the day but if i separate some water from the tank over night it goes up to 8.2 .. my question is will the fish feel like the ph is actually 7.4 or will it feel more like 8.2 the fish i got are boliviam rams and german blue rams . i want them to live long healthy lives so i need to know what i should do

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I'll give you my personal experience with both these fish and a very similar situation. I've had my Bolivian ram for almost 5 years now, way before I started high tech planted tanks. My ph was at 7.5 and would drop to 6.4 with my co2 around 45ppm the Bolivian ram has been great and healthy, I have had it like that for over a year now and he's doing great. I recently purchased 4 German blue rams thinking if the Bolivian has done so well the Germans should be good too. I was "dead" wrong. Within a week they all died. I have 8 discus, 1 Bolivian, 3 angels, about 40 neon tetras, 4 Cory cats, 3 tiger loaches and about 30 other small schooling fish. Not one death in over a year except for the German blue rams. Of course I did my research after they all died and I read that they do not do well at all in high ph and also need a very steady ph. I can't say for sure that that was it but I'll never take that chance again with them.

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