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Ive had my PFR colony breeding now for about 2 years, It's time to thin them out again. They originated from jimko and speedies stock. Both are members on TPT. I have 4 packages of 10+2 pfr peewees/juvies. They range from --- to ----- size. DOA guarantee only available with express shipping. Express is probably not worth the cost on these small packages unless you want to buy more than 1 package. I can cut you a deal in that case and we can spring for express shipping. I ship in kordon breather bags in styro insulated boxes. They will have a piece of java or x-mas moss to cling to during shipping. DOA is rare. Look at my pTrader page for feedback on shrimp sales and shipping. 100% positive on over 75 transactions. I only ship to the continental US. These are my own photos of the parents. Sorry, no fancy photo equipment, but these are untouched photos, so you get the idea:

10+2 PFR juvies - $32 shipped (4 packages available) SOLD OUT
Downoi crowns - $3 each (shipping is $6. 30 crowns available)
Anubias Petite Nana (25+ leaves) - $15 shipped

Plants are algea and snail free.

One of my breeding females.

More Females pictured next to the Anubias Petite Nana I'm selling.

Downoi crowns with PFR pictured.
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