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Petsmart plants

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Petsmart near Englewood carries small tubes of juvenile plants.
About $8 each. This may be local.

ludwigia needle leaf
pogostemon helferi
staurogyne repens
crypt green
crypt wendtii
crypt undulata
lobelia cardinal
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They are actually tissue culture plants. I have used them before with good results. There is quite a bit of pant material, just takes a bit if time for the plants to convert. If you find a healthy batch I think it is a prett good value.
Meh, they are okay if you can't find the plants already submerged from elsewhere. Only one I've tried was wisteria and it took forever to adapt.
I have had fantastic luck with s. repens. I have probably quadruple the amount I purchased in one pack a few months ago. My p. helferi is also doing pretty well. I lost all of my lobelia cardinalis though, and my second pack of wisteria is struggling to adapt. The first batch melted completely, but it didn't look great to begin with.
I would second the s. Repents comment. Last batch I bought did really well, especially after everything converted...
I bought some micro swords from petsmart once they melted off and came back they looked like a completely different plant. I really like them though. I have bought a bunch from a local petco which is a mother store and get in better fish and plants then most other petco's.
Not a big fan of Petsmart plants. Most plants you get from there, especially the swords will melt away so it doesn't matter if you get a large or small as all the leaves are gonna melt away and regrow. I've had luck with some plants there, especially the stauryogene repens, but there are way better sources for plants. I've sworn off Petsmart for both plants and fish. Their filtration sucks and large groups of tanks if not all of them are connected so diseases spread so easily, the fish aren't quarantined properly if at all, the specimens aren't always that great, 90% of the people there have no idea of what they're talking about. I could go on and on. I know some Petsmart's are better than others and some people don't have a decent lfs nearby but I refuse to put anything alive from Petsmart in any tank I own. Thats just me though.
Absolutely depends on location. There are a couple gems. Really great deals when they're reduced 20% (if they've been sitting around a while). Unusable to most petsmart goers, but to plant enthusiasts, LOTS of usable plant material. Have had success w/ their anubias varieties, cyperus helferi, pogostomen takes forever, all their crypts, etc. The tubes are quite crap, I'll concede that. But they've stepped up from what they used to carry.
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