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Petsmart Cory Sale

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Did anyone else notice the sale going on at Petsmart on corys right now? (it's the same in every store right, since they are a national chain?) They have bronze, albino, and peppered corys for only $1 each. I know a lot of people say they have bad luck with thier dollars sales, but I've had great luck, except with the Cardinal tetras. But then the Petsmart here is really very nice. Well anyway, I cleaned them out of bronze and peppered corys. I took home 16 total, and I am putting together a dedicated 38g temperate cory tank. I will be going back to get some more to bring my toal closer to 25, but wow it is amazing hwo much differently they act even in the size of group I have now, compared to when I have kept them in smaller groups! They all school together up and down the tank. It is really cool looking! I'm going to do the tank like a ripparium, and try to make it look like the shoreline of the Amazon. I'm super pumped, and thought I'd share the sale with you all!
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The petsmart by me strangely sells sterbai cories and they are only $7 so I have been buying them and they are doing well. Saw some great panda cories there today...
Scooped up some peppered cories for $1 apiece about a week ago and they're doing well. I'll be going back for more as I'm setting up a 40g breeder and want to have a big school for the schooling behavior you're seeing in your 38g. Do all of yours school together, or does each variety seem to prefer to be w/their own. I've heard differing stories about keeping several varieties together and was curious as to your take on it.
I mean, they might school a little more with their own species, but pretty much they all school together. But like I said there are already 10 peppereds, and 6 bronze, so not small groups. I've heard get atleast three of each species. With this many though they just kind of follow the crowd. (Like, "Oh, everyone else is swimming that way? I guess I will too... Wait guys, I'm coming!") Maybe in smaller groups, they don't like schooling together as much? I notice typically about 2/3 are schooling together and the other 1/3 are resting or scouring the sand in mini schools. Interestingly the couple glowlight danios in there school very tightly with all the corys.
Glad for the heads up! I'll be visiting Petsmart today.
Petsmart is have sales on more than just corries, got 6 otos for $6and two frozen fish foods (bloodworm and shrimp) for $5
yeah they sell peppers, bronze and albinos for a buck fairly often (I don't think they all have sales at the same time though) but a few weeks ago I cleared out tanks of triline cories, khulis, and bolivian rams for $25 bucks
I bought 3 albino and 3 spotted cories from petsmart last week for $1 each. They also had other fish on sale for $1, that is how I ended up with 10 neon tetras.
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