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Petsmart $5 off $25 in store and 10% off $60 online (expires 7/25/09)

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Petsmart $5 off $25 in store and 10% off $60 online (expires 7/25/09)

Link for instore coupon LINK

When printing, make sure to click on the red "print coupon" and not the print link at the top. Otherwise it will say number of prints exceeded.

Online code is: ACT10 is the code for 10% off $60

Both expire July 25th, so a lot of time to use it!
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Fair warning, make sure you ask a manager before you go and shop if the coupon is legit or not. There has been a number of these going around which are fake. I saw a lady at a Petsmart have $100 worth of stuff and wanted to use a similiar coupon for $10 off and it turned out to be fake...she was livid but there's really nothing they can do about a fake coupon.
wow wth? are you for real ? why would someone want to do that ?
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