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pets pets pets in westford MA

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i have NEVER seen a customer treated more poorly than i was treated today.

there were other customers in the store when i walked in. as soon as they left he walked over to me to see if i was looking for anything special. i wasnt but had a pocket full of cash burning a hole. i asked how business was and he said "good i closed at 3:00" (it was 3:15) so i said "i'm sorry, would you like me to le..."

before i could finish the word he said yes and showed me the door.

if this was the last pet store on earth and i needed supplies for my tank, i would break my tanks down before i went back there.

what a jerk!
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I think this place is under new ownership now? I know the previous owners had people all over them for improper care of animals. I guess they finally got shut down. I was in there yesterday and the whole room with fish was empty and for rent.

They had a bunch of empty tanks set up and told me they just opened up and were supposed to be getting all their fish in soon. They used to have a nice selection of fish although the old owners were a little strange, but we'll see what happens.
was this after i posted this thread?
Yea this was two days ago-ish. I really hope they're new owners trying to start up.. The old place was sketchy. They did have a nice fish room tho...with the most magnificent BBA I've ever seen in my lifetime.
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