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Petco 6.6 Gallon Bookcase: Beginner

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Hey everyone,
I recently purchased a 6.6 Gallon bookcase system from Petco. I have decided also to go the planted tank way to both challenge myself as well as the aesthetically pleasing/symbiotic practicality of this method for the aquarium system. However, due to the size restraints (8" long x 24 wide x 9 H) I was wondering if Dwarf Hair Grass (DHG) would be a good carpet plant for this tank?

Also, what would be a good background plant for this size? I want something a bit dense for the fish to hide/frolic in so with that in mind;I plan on stocking the tank with red cherry shrimp(2?), a small school of rasboras(4-5), and perhaps a snail when the time comes.

Again, in left field too, the HOB filter appears to be a simple hang-on-back 2-stage filter, any suggestions for a 3 stage filter for this size?

To appease everyone:

Stock T5 18"-15W bulb

CaribSea FloraMax mixed with tank sand in a mix of 3:1 Floramax to sand

Start Method:
Dry start for plants with a 3 week estimated misting/fertilizing period prior to flooding

Tank decor (excluding flora):
A decent sized piece of driftwood that will be propped up in a fashion to be depicted tomorrow with empty tank picture

Any help is appreciated! This is my first planted tank and I will be starting it soon with ideally weekly updates of progress including pictures (iphone, sorry camera is broke)

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Update: Four days in!

So as promised I will try and keep this active, if not for help (always useful) as much as for a basis to go from.

I recently picked up an Aqueon Floramax T8 18" 15w bulb to replace the stock bulb. From what I have been reading and heard, the K value is around 6500 so this should be alright for DHG in this shallow of a tank.

I have been doing the dry start method as stated following closely the steps of another poster (I will link it soon). Pretty much, just keeping the light on 10-11 hours a day, misting the plants heavily twice daily, warmish room to keep humidity in tank up, cellophaned the top before putting the lid on, and have three plant tabs in the substrate (which is saturated with water to the top msot level).

The plants seem to be getting a bit greener if I may say so. Still no offshoots yet but this is predictably early. I put three clumps in specific locations, the middle one is going to be in front of my mopani log that is still leaching tannins. I may try boiling it rather than letting it sit in standing hot water, this sound good?

Any suggestions are welcome and thankful for!

Sorry for the haze but the walls are filled with moisture due to the high humidity.


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