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Pet Emporium - Greeley - Plants

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I have been searching high and low for stores in northern colorado that carry plants and accessories. I FOUND ONE......

Pet Emporium by H20 Aquatics in Greeley

The have a great selection of plants ( I saw swords, vals, all the bunch types, and I even bought some riccia). Now any LFS that has riccia to sell is tops in my book. They had a great selection of Seachem plant accessories (ferts, gravel, etc).

Talking with the one employee he said that he worked at the place in Fort Collins that sold plants before the became video games and fish. You can tell that he has a great knowledge of planted aquariums, lighting, ferts, algae, inverts, etc.

Since that place in Fort Collins is now the biggest joke ever in fish store history. I was glad to see a store in Northern Colorado take the chance to win the market in planted aquariums.
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The former owner of Pet Emporium - Tom - is a good friend of mine. He ran that stores for so many years and can't keep it up when those "big box" stores landed in Greeley. He finally sold it and end up running one of those "big box" stores.

I might check it out this weekend.

just got new plants in today. i must have worked with the same employee as the original poster, he seemed was very competent! Greeley is a long drive from ft. collins but as the only place in the area i can buy plants... its worth it.
Just spoke with an employee there today, they are expecting a plant shipment in this Friday (1/25) Crypts, moss..... looks like it should be a decent order...
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New Plants

I was there again yesterday and they had more plants. Talked with the owner and he said his manager is really trying to get there store on the map as the #1 place for aquarium plants in all of Colorado. The owner said that he was even going to be doing some importing of plants. This means they will carry all the strange stuff that you can never find in the United States. That is awsome.
Talked with the owner and he said his manager is really trying to get there store on the map as the #1 place for aquarium plants in all of Colorado.
That shouldn't be a hard accomplishment to achieve! :hihi: I have yet to find plants locally other than swords or anubias ( even those are hit and miss for the most part) that are worth buying from a shop. Glad to see a shop is trying to get some quality plants even though that's a long drive for me to get some plants. I will have to check this place out in a few months as I will be up at a private lake a lot over the spring and summer. How far off 25 is it ?
Greeley sits about 15-20 minutes off I-25. This shop is on the east side of Greeley just off Highway 34
I would like to add that this store is on the right track to get plant aquarists in the door. They will take time to help!! I have learned a lot from 1 patient employee (formerly at Denizens) and the owners are helpful also. The owners run H2O Aquatics (tanks in businesses etc.) and have a reputable track record. Several years. NCMC hospital etc. Give them a look-see and some time to get things where they want. I was told they had a 4 yr. plan . . .
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I've been there so many times, most of the plants are in poor condition, unless they have fresh order in. They have some interesting plants that you'll not find at Big chain store most of the time. The employee lady who work their is koo kooo! have no idea about fish or plant what so ever!
Went back in today to see if they had Excel. (Didn't except 1 tiny btl.) They had other things which had been requested by customers. I also was put on a list to see if he could get the 2L size from his supplier. I was also offered a decent price. Every time I go in things look better.
I know the manager at Pet Emporium, and I must say, it's a great place! A good friend of mine worked at Denizens before the video game people bought it, and it used to be my favorite store, I was in there at least once a week, but now it's definitely a joke. Everyone I know has a hard time calling it by its real name, we're always making up funny new names for it. Pet Emporium is definitely one of (if not THE) best store in that area. I recently moved to the other end of the state, and I miss shopping there. Here, I'm lucky to find anything here that isn't way overpriced. Last time I went in the one store that's here, they wanted $4 for half dead neon tetras, and $40 for a test kit that I paid $15 for elsewhere!
Hi all,

Anybody have any input on whether it would be worth making the drive to Greeley from Cheyenne? I looking to overplant my 55 as the BBA is attempting a hostile takeover every couple months or so. Also, does anybody have any other alternatives in about the same driving distance from Cheyenne?



I was informed yesterday that they will be closing the store completly so the owners can focus on their aquarium maintenance business. I am so sad.... what a loss.
All gone!! What a sad disaster. . the sign said they would be open until the 15th. Went in today and it was bare to the walls . . no one even said a word to me . . it was as if I was in a storm clean-up area. They were arguing over something left on the counter . . . . .
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